Soccer League

FlyerWe are now accepting team registrations for the 2017 season!

League information:

  • Games are played on Tues, Wed nights (6:30 and 8:30 kickoffs) and Sat afternoons (11AM, 1, 3, 5PM kickoffs)
  • Fields: Ron Joyce Stadium, Alumni Field, Track Field, 10 Acre field on McMaster Campus
  • Teams consist of at 11 players and 3 must have 3 females on the field at all times
  • Year established 1987

Cost: $1650.00 (inclusive of a 200.00 bond and HST)

As of May 1st 2013 the GSA Soccer league will be adopting the OSA (Ontario Soccer Associations) policy on harrassment. Please review this policy as the GSA Soccer league is committed to providing a harrassment free enviornment and upholding the OSA Policy.

INJURY POLICY Anyone injured while paying in the GSA Soccer league must fill out the page of the  McMaster University Incident Report and scan it back to our GSA Services, Natalie:

Waiver Submission

The GSA soccer league requires registrants/parents to complete a waiver prior to the first game played in the league.

Team captains will periodically receive an up to date list of registrants who have completed their waivers from the GSA. At the beginning of each game they will be asked to cross reference their player roster against the provided GSA team waiver list. However, please note that it is the responsibility of the registrant to prove that their waiver was successfully completed, as the team captain might not always have the most up to date waiver information. It is recommended that you have a photocopy of the wavier on your persons when participating in GSA league games.

For all registrants 18 years of age or older please review and sign the liability waiver below:

O18 Waiver

All registrants over 18 years of age please review and sign the below waiver:

U18 Waiver

Should you require assitance with this form and or have any inquires please contact