Referenda Specific Rules

Referenda-Specific Rules

a. The CRO shall decide before the votes are counted whether the referendum has been properly conducted.
b. The CRO shall present the decision regarding validity/invalidity of the conduct of the referendum to Council for procedural ratification:
i. If valid, the results of the voting shall be binding on the Association;
ii. If invalid, Council will hold a re-run of the referendum at a later date.


In addition to the conditions stipulated in these By-Laws, the following shall be considered to be violations of referendum procedure:
a. The making or publishing of any false statement of fact, by an official from a campaign committee, of the personal character or conduct of a campaign committee or one of its representatives;
b. The direct or indirect offer, procurement or provision of, or promise to procure or provide, money, valuable consideration, office, employment or alcoholic drink to induce any person to vote or refrain from voting;
c. The acceptance, reception of, or agreement to accept or receive, money, valuable consideration, office, employment or alcoholic drink in exchange for the promise to vote or refrain from voting;
d. The wilful vote or attempt to vote more than once in a referendum; and
e. The violation, or attempt to violate, the principle of secrecy of the vote.


Campaign Impropriety and Appeals

a. No candidate or campaign committee may, using their own initiative and discretion, attempt to enforce the rules for referenda.
b. The CRO shall decide on any charge of campaign impropriety, and where a violation is deemed to exist, may take the following actions:
i. Reduce or eliminate a referendum committee’s subsidy.
ii. Levy a fine against a referendum committee.
iii. Declare a referendum to be void.
c. Tampering with the other campaign committee’s signs so as to cause their being defaced or removed will result in automatic disqualification of the campaign committee:
d. Appeals regarding sanctions levied by the CRO shall be made in writing to the Referenda Appeal Committee within forty-eight (48) hours of the announcement of sanctions.  The Referenda Appeal Committee shall render a decision and make such decision public within two (2) days following their meeting.
e. Ballots for Association referenda shall not be discarded until after the deadline for campaign appeals has passed.
If you have any inquiries about the details of the referendum, please contact