Our People

Office Staff

Position Name
Director of Operations Ashley Ravenscroft: gsaesa@mcmaster.ca
Office/Administrative Assistant Mona Mohamed: macgsa@mcmaster.ca

Executive Committee


Position Name
President Tim Van Boxtel: gsapres@mcmaster.ca
Vice-President – Administration Jodie Lobana: gsavpadmin@mcmaster.ca
Vice-President – Services Robert Ballagh: gsavpserv@mcmaster.ca
Vice-President – External Shawn Hercules: gsavpext@mcmaster.ca
Vice-President – Internal Roqibul Hasan: gsavpint@mcmaster.ca

Faculty Representatives


Samira Farivar farivas@mcmaster.ca


Mohammed Zaher zaherm@mcmaster.ca
Hanie Yousefi  yousefih@mcmaster.ca

Health Science

Alexander Qian qiana@mcmaster.ca
Nikita Sanger  sangern@mcmaster.ca

Social Sciences

Allison Leanage  ​ leanagas@mcmaster.ca


Derek Stouth stouthdw@mcmaster.ca
Sara Oikawa oikawasy@mcmaster.ca


 Curran Egan  eganca@mcmaster.ca

International Representatives

Tsz Wing Cheung  ​cheunt6@mcmaster.ca
Maryam Alizadeh   alizadem@mcmaster.ca

Club Administrator

Emanuele Blasioli gsaclubs@mcmaster.ca

Emanuele is a licensed psychologist from Italy. He studied initially at University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara (Italy) where he got his BSc in Psychological Science, and later on at University of Padova (Italy) where he completed his MSc in Clinical Psychology with the following research thesis “Assessment of personality traits in a sample of musicians”. He has carried out his professional training as a psychologist at the Strategic Therapy Center in Arezzo (Italy).  He has recently completed a post graduate certificate in Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion at Centennial College, Toronto.

He  has been admitted to the MSc in eHealth at McMaster University starting from September 2016.

Emanuele is also a pianist. In parallel with his academic pathway in Psychology, he studied both Classical and Jazz music. He has graduated in Piano from Conservatory in Music Luisa D’Annunzio in Pescara (Italy).

He is passionate about sports and outdoor activities.


Faculty Name E-mail
Engineering Vacant
Health Sciences Vacant
Business Vacant
Science Anita Acai acaia@mcmaster.ca
Humanities Vacant

CRO and Board of Governors


Chief Returning Officer Kara Tsang gsacro@mcmaster.ca
Board of Governors Rodrigo Narro Perez narrora@mcmaster.ca
Past President
McMaster Community Homes Corporation Board Rep