Resources from the GSA against anti-Black racism

At the GSA, we believe that there is no place for anti-Black racism and violence in our community at McMaster University. The past few weeks have only made these issues more apparent, but anti-Black racism is something that many of us within our community have been facing and dealing with in all facets of our lives, even at McMaster University.  We have to realize our impact as graduate students at McMaster and support our Black community as best as we can.

We currently support a GSA club, the ACGSA (African Caribbean Graduate Students’ Association), that has made themselves available for students within this community that may have faced anti-Black racism and can be reached via email: Upon request, they will send further information about how to be added to their Facebook group. We will continue to stand beside them and support them as best as we can. We also echo the sentiments that were expressed by the African Caribbean Faculty Association at McMaster that can be found here.

The purpose of this section in the mailer is not to just “write a statement” but to offer resources to our community for support.

If you need further support, culturally relevant mental health and legal services can be found here:

For more resources on how to take action, visit Black Lives Matter and get involved at McMaster Equity and Inclusion Education.

You can also use the following resources to support Black-owned businesses in Hamilton.

Please collectively fight to support anti-racism because the weight of these deep-rooted issues must be burdened upon all of us. When your friend needs support, lend a hand as we evolve together. We all need to be better.

Your GSA

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