GSA Elections

The results for the 2017-2018 GSA Election results are as follows:

GSA Executive Positions

President: Tim van Boxtel
Vice President Internal: Avijit Mallick
Vice President External: Shawn Hercules
Vice President Services: Robert Ballagh

GSA Faculty Representatives to the Council

Faculty Representative Council- International: Vi Dang
Faculty Representative Council- Business: Samira Farivar
Faculty Representative Council- Humanities: Curran Egan
Faculty Representative Council- Health Science: Alexander Qian and Nick Yelle

Open positions

GSA Executive Position

  • Vice-President Administration Nomination(s)

Naim Tajvarpour

I am Naim Tajvarpour, PhD student in DeGroote School of Business. I am nominating myself for the position of VP Admin. I am motivated to join the GSA executive committee to serve graduate students and to make the school a better place with regards to both social and academic purposes for them.

As a graduate student who has experience of being an international, and local graduate student, I have a good understanding of the needs of all graduate students and the hurdles that they have in their life and studies. My passion is to be effective and impactful in my community and GSA is one of the best places through which I can be helpful for my community.

I hope I will be elected by members for this position to have the chance of serving them.

GSA Faculty Representatives to the Council:
  • 1 Business,
  • 1 Humanities,
  • 1 International
  • 2 Social Science

For questions about the election, please contact the GSA Chief Returning Officer, Kara Tsang at